WoC STEM Leadership Lab Community

Women of Color STEM Leadership Lab Online Community

Where ambitious young women of color in STEM come to connect and build relationships with those on the same path.  

Authentically thrive in your career on your own terms while enjoying life and having a positive impact on your loved ones and society.

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As you know, pursuing a STEM career is a LONG and challenging road.  

Doing so as a woman of color can be even harder. 

• Among STEM circles, you may be the only woman and/or person of color.  
• Within family and community, you may be the only person pursuing STEM.

This can leave you feeling lonely and misunderstood.  

WOC STEM Leadership Lab Online Community is a place to be amongst those that GET you.

A place to be nurtured and give yourself the space to grow 
into your fullest potential.

Our programs use an intersectional lens that speaks to the lived experiences, cultural traditions and rich histories that are a source of your power, pride and a key to your success. 

Our supportive community will help you:

  • Create a vision of yourself succeeding and leading in STEM
  • Grow a network of like-minded people
  • Access cultural strengths that will help you navigate the roadblocks associated with pursuing a STEM career
  • Learn how to run a lab/team and other career development skills
  • Obtain practical tools for navigating work and life experiences as women of color  
  • Gain knowledge of how to better showcase your talents to have greater impact
  • Build confidence and leadership skills 
  • Achieve a renewed feeling of drive/commitment to the field

Offerings Include:

Professional/Career Development Workshops- In-depth workshops providing tools for building a strong foundation to succeeding in STEM and beyond. Topics such as accessing mentors/networking skills, public speaking/engagement, writing grants/proposals, building a lab/team, job search/interviewing.

Life Lessons Circle-  Facilitated discussions about topics related to navigating race, culture and gender in STEM workplaces. Themes include microaggressions, work life integration, community service/advocacy, self-care. 

You'll also gain access to:

  • Live Q & A Interviews with Women of Color in STEM
  • A library of resources to support your career and life as a women of Color in STEM
  • Daily community posts to foster a sense of bonding and shared experience

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Join now to participate in thoughtful conversations, attend workshops/discussions, and gain access to resources. 

Hi I'm Dr. Wallace
I was a tenured professor with 20 years of experience as a funded researcher. I taught graduate and undergraduate students in STEM. After mentoring hundreds of students, post-docs and early career professionals over the years, I realized that women of color in particular were extremely talented and technically skilled but were lacking the support they needed to succeed. I created Women of Color Leadership Lab because I recognized that our world needs YOU and I wanted to build something to support you on your journey to Thriving in STEM. 

Would you like to be a part of a nurturing space to connect with a community of like-minded women of color where you can learn tools for navigating your STEM career?

Would you like to have a place where you can ask questions and share your journey while getting support from others who know what that journey is like?

Would you like to access a dedicated private space where you can reimagine your visions for your career success, acknowledge and gain tools to overcome the challenges you experience as a woman or color in STEM while honoring your cultural strengths?

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